Friday, July 28, 2017

How much does Fibre Optics Cost?

According to BusinessTech Fibre can cost you anything between R199 to R3500pm.  This is what they have to say:

"Although ADSL is what the majority of people are using in their homes, only 10% of households have Internet access at home, according to the latest General Household Survey by Statistics South Africa in 2014. This can largely be attributed to the costs involved.
A basic line with Telkom costs R157 per month, once off charges like the installation of your router and ADSL line costs roughly R600, while a further once off charge of R1 200 – R1 500 will be charged to install a wireless router so that all household members can use the connection on different devices.

Once all the necessary installations have been done the final cost of your Internet package can cost anything between R340 and R3 000 per month, depending on what option you choose.

Currently, fibre prices range anywhere between R199 and R3495 depending on the speed you choose. "

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