Tuesday, December 15, 2020


On 11 August 2020 SBHOA representing the community, presented a proposal to the City of CTown to please consider placing a boardwalk on the dune section of the beach.  We asked them to give us an understanding of the effect this could have on the biodiversity, as well as the community.

The City of Cape Town is in favour of the project, and will support Sunset Beach should we wish to fund part or all of the project.  

Should anyone wish to take this project further, you will need to fundraise, as well as get a clear understanding of the community's needs prior to going ahead with the project.

Thank you to the 70% who voted for this project, and also to the 30% who voted against it.  All the votes, comments and concerns have been noted, and can be found on the Sunset Beach Community page:


SBHOA have placed this project on hold until further notice.

SBHOA Committee