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ARRO Legacy Project

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Global Animal Shelter Development Organisation
Contact Person : Lize Lotze

Service Offered : To build ISO accredited animal shelters with the highest minimum standards, which include veterinary clinics and various other services to help the shelters be self sustainable and recruit skilled staff.  Each shelter will provide accommodation for both the animals and the people who care for them.  Apply today for a new animal shelter near you!

Mothers That Care

The nature of our cause is Feeding and Clothing hungry children.

Contact:  Jo Clarke

Service offered – Mothers That Care is an organisation made up of 100 or so volunteers who have dedicated their time to preparing sandwiches, to ensure children do not go hungry whilst they are at school.

Ridgeback Rehab

Nature of Cause - Rescue, Rehabiliation and Rehoming of SA's national dog, the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Contact Person - Hayley Nel  Jo Clarke

We are committed & dedicated to ensuring the right to a free, healthy & loving life for all abandoned and abused Ridgebacks.