Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ocean Square Parking will now be charged for : the first hour is free.

After 1 hour , a parking fee of R5 per half hour thereafter applies . For example, let’s say a customer parks at Ocean Square Centre for 1 hour & 45 mins . Their parking fee will therefore be R10 calculated as follows by the 1st hour free , R5 for the next half hour and a further R5 for the 2nd half hour or part thereof .

The intention behind the pay parking scheme is not to extract further income from the property but merely to facilitate parking bays for prospective customers .
The shop assistants working in the shops now park outside the centre otherwise they will have to pay for parking too. This creates additional parking inside the centre for customer convenience. As Ocean Square Centre has a very limited amount of bays, it has become essential that bays are not occupied for very long periods by one customer thereby strangling the parking situation & preventing other customers to park .
The income collected over a month will not cover the parking attendant’s monthly wage as most customers park at Ocean Square Centre for less than an hour.
It has never been the intention of the owners of the centre to profit from this but merely to implement a system of improving the effectiveness of the parking area at Ocean Square Centre.
We thank everyone for understanding and their support.
Ocean Square Centre Management.
Jean-Pierre Questiaux

SBHOA:  We have spoken to Centre Management and they will be implementing a ticket / receipt system and we look forward to adding more structure to the growing parking problem.