Sunset Beach Home Owners Association recognises the value not only of having a pet, but also that our community is exposed to one of the very few pet friendly beaches around Cape Town.

For this reason we are putting in place a plan to assist the community in keeping this matter regulated according to the by-laws of the City of Cape Town.  We are also planning on providing poo-bag stations around the suburb, starting at the beach, as well as signage to guide pet owners of good pet owner's etiquette.

Should you wish to help and join us in this project, please do contact us at we need some more people on the team to get the project off the ground sooner rather than later.

Please bear in mind that the SBHOA Committee are all volunteers who have full time jobs, so we ask for your support (even if it is only for this project!), because many hands make light work.

Thank you for your patience and more on this matter to be posted soon.