Friday, July 28, 2017

How much does Fibre Optics Cost?

According to BusinessTech Fibre can cost you anything between R199 to R3500pm.  This is what they have to say:

"Although ADSL is what the majority of people are using in their homes, only 10% of households have Internet access at home, according to the latest General Household Survey by Statistics South Africa in 2014. This can largely be attributed to the costs involved.
A basic line with Telkom costs R157 per month, once off charges like the installation of your router and ADSL line costs roughly R600, while a further once off charge of R1 200 – R1 500 will be charged to install a wireless router so that all household members can use the connection on different devices.

Once all the necessary installations have been done the final cost of your Internet package can cost anything between R340 and R3 000 per month, depending on what option you choose.

Currently, fibre prices range anywhere between R199 and R3495 depending on the speed you choose. "

Please do register your interest if you wish to allow OpenServe to invest Fibre Optics Infrastructure in Sunset Beach.

Click Here to Register

Without EVERYONE's registration, they can not go ahead.  Please do share this important message with your neighbours.  

Thank you for your support.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

New PTZ Camera on Hastula Road is now active

Thank you to Andy Davies (SBHOA committee member), the team at Crime Watch and  and Diethelm Schuessler, owner of Ocean 12 Guest House for the successful installation of the PTZ Security Camera at the beach car park in Hastula Way.  

Also a very big thank you to the home owners in Sunset Beach who have made the necessary donations to make this project a reality.

More funding is still needed to complete the project, so if you would like to help, please donate today.  Thank you.

You can make an EFT in to the SBHOA account as follows:
Beneficiary name: SUNSET BEACH HOA
Bank name:           STANDARD BANK
Account number:   071003991
Branch code:   0051001 (Universal Branch Code)
Branch Code:   022209
Branch name:  THIBAULT SQUARE 

Beneficiary reference: PRO-CAMERA (Name)

Please email your POP to for us to show appreciation.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fibre Optics Survey for Sunset Beach

To: All Sunset Beach Residents
You will soon receive this letter from a “door knocker” who will ask you for contact information and note whether you will be interested in having high speed, reliable internet access through fibre installed in the Sunset Beach area.  
As you may be aware, the Sunset Beach Home Owners Association (SBHOA) has started the drive to obtain fibre connectivity for all Sunset Beach residents. The fibre internet connectivity has been identified by Sunset Beach residents as the number 1 priority for 2017.
It is important to note that we need to know from you whether you are interested in fibre connectivity.  Your “Yes” denotes your interest. We (SBHOA) do not require you to sign up or confirm commitment for fibre internet connectivity.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to demonstrate to the fibre provider (Openserve) that we have the required resident interest to proceed with the project.
Please note that we have arranged an Openserve promotion van to visit the Sunset Beach shopping centre on 5 August from 10am to 12am to answer any further questions you may have.

Any feedback, questions or support requests can be sent to
Please remember our AGM on 15 August at Milnerton Golf club at 6:30pm. 
Many thanksLise LotzeChairman: SBHOA

High speed, reliable fibre connectivity Q & A’s
Is Sunset Beach Getting Fibre?
In the Sunset Beach Home Owners Association (SBHOA) survey from December 2016 (Christmas newsletter), Fibre was identified by residents as the number 1 priority to action in 2017.
The (SBHOA) is working hard to secure Fibre connectivity for Sunset Beach. A questionnaire is currently in progress in Sunset Beach to demonstrate to a fibre provider (Openserve) that we have the required resident interest to proceed with the project.
Sunset Village will have already indicated 90% sign up rate, and we hope we can get similar % expression of interest in Sunset Beach.
Please be assured that if you choose to registering your interest, you do not place an order or sign any contract. There is no financial commitment required upfront.
Why is the implementation of fibre taking so much time?
Sunset Beach is a low-density neighborhood which means we are not as attractive as high density (blocks of flats) neighborhood. This is because the reticulation (the actual digging and laying of fibre) is much more expensive for low density housing.
The fibre providing companies therefore do not see Sunset Beach as an attractive investment and as such need a higher level of interest (70%) shown to achieve the installation of fibre to the area.
Why choose Openserve?
We have approached Openserve, a Telkom subsidiary, to state our intention by showing a strong resident interest.
Openserve is a logical choice because they can use the existing Telkom infrastructure to run the Fibre underground, which should make the process of getting the fibre into the neighborhood a lot quicker, rather than digging up our pavements, including every driveway to connect fibre to your house. (Imagine what your driveway would look like!) In most cases, however, they will use your existing telephone/ADSL route into your home which would mean no digging.  This is of course infrastructure dependent as each house would be different.
Openserve has a list of approximately 50+ resellers which gives each Sunset Beach house the opportunity to stay with their existing service provider and/or shop around for better deals within the Openserve reseller list.
FYI – Any product offering can be chosen – even ADSL/VDSL packages can be used on the fibre infrastructure.
The connection from the road to the house will be done by Openserve irrespective of which reseller will be chosen.

We need your support

Openserve requires a high number of houses in Sunset Beach residents to indicate their interest in fibre connectivity. The SBHOA will also approach Sunset Links to come on board. Sunset Village have already indicated their support.
Please sign up if you are interested, it is ok to change your mind later as this does not commit you to installing the fibre service and you can change to this service at any time.
Are you on our mailing list? Please register on the form below.

We will update you on our progress. Thank you.
Lise Lotze
Chairman - Sunset Beach HOA

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Camera is up at Hastula Way Car Park

Thank you to the team, headed by Andy Davies and Crime Watch for installing the latest PTZ camera on Hastula Way by the beach car park.  Criminals now need to know that they are being watched!

Thank you to all the sponsors and funders for helping SBHOA to make this project a reality.

If you would like to support this project, herewith the banking details:

You can make an EFT in to the SBHOA account as follows:
Beneficiary name: SUNSET BEACH HOA
Bank name:           STANDARD BANK
Account number:   071003991
Branch code:   0051001 (Universal Branch Code)
Branch Code:   022209
Branch name:  THIBAULT SQUARE 

Beneficiary reference: PRO-CAMERA (Name)

Please email your POP to for us to show appreciation.  

Register for Fibre in Sunset Beach

Register your interest in bringing Fibre Broadband Internet to Sunset Beach.

Please come and register and experience blazing speed of up to 1Gbps (no purchase required).

Name:                   Fibre Broadband Internet
Location:              Ocean Square Shopping Centre
Date:                     5 August 2017
Time:                    10am to 12 noon

All Sunset Beach residents are welcome to register, which includes Sunset Village.

If you wish to get a reminder and keep up to date on the progress of this project, please do complete the form below:

Western Cape Government makes texting while driving illegal

 #ItCanWait cut-throating #humour

Sometimes shock tactics is the only way one can really get the message across. The City of Cape Town has taken a touch of humour and some hard hitting video footage of what it is to text while walking, let alone while driving.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Flamingo Vlei Re-Opened for Recreation

A blue-green algal bloom in the Rietvlei Water Area resulted in its closure since 17/03/2017.
Pic Jan and Frieda Prinsloo

It remained closed for public safety reasons throughout this quarter. The water was only reopened to the public again on 30/06/2017 after a consistent decline in the algae toxins was observed.