Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Forum Security

SBHOA has been approached by an armed response security company - Forum Security. Forum wants to expand their service offering to Sunset Beach.  

How will Forum Security secure Sunset Beach?
Forum Security has expressed their commitment to us in building a strong security presence in Sunset Beach. They profess to offer a very high quality service (alarm monitoring and armed response) at reasonable rates. 

SBHOA Welcomes an increase in Security measures
As you know, we have recently seen an unacceptable high increase of crime in Sunset Beach. We agree that Sunset Beach have unacceptably high number crimes in our neighbourhood, which seems to increase weekly.

We welcome any increase in security measures with our current armed response security organisations, Crimewatch and Star Alarms. We also feel that we cannot limit residents to two armed response companies in the present climate, and we should give residents in Sunset Beach the opportunity to consider a third security company, Forum.   
Can Forum Security provide good levels of service?

The SBHOA has done an initial evaluation on Forum Security and are satisfied that they can provide the required performance levels - in line with the commitments Forum has made. 

More about Forum Security
·    Forum is a sizable company which have operated in excess of 7 years and have numerous clients across Table View and Milnerton.
·       Forum also has a low overhead structure, and currently monitors in excess of 80 cameras.
·     Forum is also the first armed response organisation to enter into an agreement with SBHOA, which stipulates detailed performance metrics and standard operating procedures in our suburb.

This gives us, as residents, the opportunity to not only engage the armed response organisation, but also ensure that they deliver what they promise to the Sunset Beach residents.

Recommended by SBHOA
Please do keep in mind that we do recommend Forum Security, Crimewatch and Star Alarms as the three reputable armed response organisations in Sunset Beach to choose as your armed response organisation.

Forum Security will start door-to-door selling from 21 May 2018. 

As always, we value your feedback and you can contact us on office@sunsetbeach.org.za

Should you want more information on Forum Security at this time, please contact the owner Leon Butler directly.

Forum Security contact details:
Mr Leon Butler on 0711103586 or email leon@forumsecurity.co.za