Monday, April 24, 2017

Free Seminar on Dog Safety on the Beach

It is always a contentious issue when a beach is declared leash free. On the one side, there is nothing nicer than seeing a dog run freely and wagging it's tail out of delight of freedom and happiness. On the other hand there are beach goers who also want to enjoy the beach but their dogs might be on a lead because they are recovering from an operation or injury, on heat, maybe blind and scared, or maybe not the kind of dog that likes to be around other dogs out of fear or maybe protective.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt 9 April

On behalf of SBHOA, we would like to invite all parents to bring along their children to come and enjoy an Easter Egg hunt on the beach!  There will be a main prize too.

Should you wish to become a sponsor and enjoy some exposure by means of banners or flyers (or just please make a donation) , please email us or call Vanessa on 0828825645 for more information.

We look forward to seeing you all there on Sunday 9 April, the hunt will start at 10h00!

You can make an EFT in to the SBHOA account as follows:
Beneficiary name: SUNSET BEACH HOA
Bank name:           STANDARD BANK
Account number:   71003991
Branch code:   0051001 (Universal Branch Code)
Branch Code:   022209
Branch name:  THIBAULT SQUARE 

Beneficiary reference: PRO-EGG (Name)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A look at the R1.7 billion Luxury Resort Hotel proposed for Cape Town’s beachfront suburb

Cape Town has received an ambitious proposal to build a R1.7 billion 15-story Luxury Resort Hotel on the beachfront in Sunset Beach, Milnerton, which would become the highest building in the suburb.
“The proposed use of the building would be mixed-use consisting of retail, commercial, parking, resort hotel and residential” says Andre Langeveldt of Team AA at RE/MAX Property Associates.

The proposal was put forward by the Cape Town Development Company – a group created specifically for the project – who presented the proposal to the City of Cape Town municipality’s Economic and Development Planning Committee on Wednesday (22 March).

At about 90 metres high, the building would be built over the next 3 years, and become operational by 2020 if construction started last quarter of this year. The proposed location is on the site of 4 properties that have been offered record prices, which still remain unknown at time of going to the press on 22 March 2017.

CEO of investment group DTDC, Mr Ivan Herbst believes apart from the investment value, this development will provide huge opportunities for employment too.  While the project is still in its early stages-  Metropole Architects, on behalf of DTDC, presented the plans to the committee and received thumbs up from the councillors.

The group said that it has met with two South Korean companies – Pasco E&T and Samsung C&A – who have agents that reside in the area, to discuss the parameters of collaboration and skills transfer of collaborating with local construction companies.

“They have both indicated their willingness to be involved in this catalytic project,” it said.
Mr Andre Langeveldt of Team AA at RE/MAX Property Associates, as the marketing agent for this development, has offered a healthy share to the Sunset Beach Home Owners Association as he secures investors for each unit “We believe that the project will serve as a potential catalyst to future large scale employment and  developments within the new Cape Town Beach Front Development program, and for the greater West Coast area.”

Municipal spokesperson Toki Mthethwani told News24 the concept of the Cape Town Development was presented to the economic development and planning committee on Wednesday.

“A consultation process with affected community members and stakeholders is expected to begin next week and will continue over a number of weeks and months before the proposal is ultimately tabled at the executive committee,” said Mthethwani.

Sunset Beach Home Owners Association wishes to congratulate Mr Langeveldt for securing this mandate and wish him all the best with his project.