Friday, October 20, 2017

Help Required for Enchanted Garden on 28 Oct

We would like to invite the residents of Sunset Beach to join us to build an ENCHANTED GARDEN on Saturday 28 October at the Gardens (Servitude) which connects DolaBella Drive and Cowrie Crescent. 

If anyone is willing to be part of this fun project, please do let us know. The following is needed:
- People to form a group that will help build this tunnel.
- Materials to Build an enclosed tunnel... (maybe a big tent with 2 open ends on both sides?
- Content for inside the "Scary Tunnel"
We would greatly appreciate if the community could please help us to make this SCARY TUNNEL as fun as possible for the little ones.

Anyone willing to help pls contact Sonet urgently on 0795223466
Thank you.