Thursday, February 16, 2017

eWaste Free Collection from your home

Recycle your unwanted goods by having them collected from your home.

Does your garage look like this?  Why don't you start with de-cluttering some of your unwanted electronic equipment this weekend?

If any of you have the following items that you need to have discarded, we can arrange for collecting on Tuesday next week.

  1. Microwaves, 
  2. Dishwashers, 
  3. Fridges, 
  4. Washing Machines, 
  5. Lawnmowers, 
  6. Computer Equipment, 
  7. Electronic wires, 
  8. cables, 
  9. anything that is broken and beyond repair, 
  10. or that you just don't want any more, 

please do message us with your

  • phone and 
  • address 
to arrange for the eWaste Company to collect from you 21 February 2017.

Thank you.
(This will become a little more formal in the future, but for now, they will be in the area on that day, and are happy to collect from your home.)

Go on, be brave... create some space, and help towards a good cause ;)