Saturday, February 25, 2017

Announcing Project Camera Upgrade

Attention all Sunset Beach Residents and Business Owners

Below is the information covering the launch of the upgraded security camera project in Sunset Beach:

- Camera project background
- Time frame for installation
- How will we raise the money required?
- Why Crime Watch?
- Feedback please
- How to stay updated on progress
- Free "vehicle disc" stickers

Security Camera Project Information
We are lucky to be living in a low crime incident neighbourhood especially if we compare ourselves with other neighbourhoods in Cape Town.  I receive the weekly newsletter from City Bowl area and am shocked to see how crime has escalated to home invasions in the Cape Town CBD.

The SBHOA would like our community to focus not only of the prevention of crime, but also on any existing crime, regardless of the severity.

The existing security cameras have demonstrated a significant impact on lowering crime over the past few years, resulting in several criminals being apprehended.

Taking into account that Sunset Beach has two entrances, criminals (or possible suspects) can be tracked by Crime Watch as they move through Sunset Beach.  Security vehicles are dispatched immediately to investigate or ask suspects to leave the area.

The SBHOA has decided to initiate a security camera  project in Sunset Beach based on the preliminary study completed in partnership with Crime Watch:
  1. Additional camera coverage in beachfront areas and Ocean Way Shopping Centre will improve surveillance of these areas that have proven to be problematic in the past; and
  2. replacement of existing cameras with higher resolution PTZ cameras (PTZ= pan tilt zoom) will improve the ability to track and identify criminals, especially at night.
The video below explains what Pan Tilt Zoom camera is about:

This amounts to:

  • 1 new PTZ camera installed at the shopping centre.
  • 2 new PTZ cameras installed at beach parking areas.
  • Replacing the Bay Beach / Ocean Way camera.
  • Addition of any other cameras if funds permit.

What is the proposed time frame for installing new cameras?
The SBHOA plan to install the first camera by end of March.  Other planned cameras will be installed as soon as the funds are raised.   We are optimistic and are planning for the remaining cameras to be installed by the end of June 2017.

How will we raise the money to pay for  the camera project?
We need our Sunset Beach community to support the project to help us raise the R120,000 needed for 3 new cameras.  We will be relying on donations from residents and businesses in order to fund this project. Watch this space for more info

Why Crime Watch?
The SBHOA is working with Crime Watch to install, maintain and monitor the security cameras.  The majority of Sunset Beach residents are using Crime Watch as their security company.

Crime Watch is currently managing the existing cameras in Sunset Beach and  have the recently upgraded the network to support all the cameras (incl PTZ cameras) in real time.

As we kick-off with this project, we would appreciate your feedback:
Whether you are a resident or a business, please provide feedback, questions or ideas by emailing

Your free "vehicle disk" sticker to display on your car:

To kick-off the camera projects, every household within Sunset Beach will received a flyer and 2 Sunset Beach discs for display on your vehicle.  Business owners and staff will also receive stickers.

Stickers will be distributed with flyers in the next 2 days.

The stickers will help with vehicle recognition as vehicles enter and leave Sunset Beach. Also, identify vehicles/people local to Sunset Beach in a similar type scenario as the "shipwreck" disaster.

If you need more stickers for your household, please email  Stickers will be delivered in your postbox.

Stay Updated with the status of this project: 
Updates on progress can be provided in the projects tab section in the new SBHOA website (going live today 25 February 2017).  Content is still being updated as we grow the information requested by the community.

Click here for any updates on this project going forward.

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing fellow "Sunsetters" driving around with their discs.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to hear from you.
RegardsLise LotzeSBHOA:


You can make an EFT in to the SBHOA account as follows:
Beneficiary name: SUNSET BEACH HOA
Bank name:           STANDARD BANK
Account number:   71003991
Branch code:   0051001 (Universal Branch Code)
Branch Code:   022209
Branch name:  THIBAULT SQUARE 

Beneficiary reference: PRO-CAMERA (Name)

Please email your POP to for us to show appreciation.  Thank you for your support!