Wednesday, July 8, 2020

1 Ocean Way Objection for rezoning


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1 Ocean Way - Application for rezoning

It has come to our attention that the above-mentioned property has re-applied for rezoning one year following our objection - on behalf of the community, on the following grounds:


1. Urgent request to extend the deadline date - because all appropriate parties have not been notified for adequate and fair complaint, we received it via a concerned resident. 2. Three Floors of business premises to be built in an area that was released for residential homes. Not intended to accommodate the commercial activity. 3. Construction line borders the sidewalk. 4. No adequate allocation for parking (12 parking bays for 11 offices on three floors). Incredibly shortsighted of the town planner to accommodate one parking per office. Minimum of two to four cars used in every small business. 5. The owner does not share the spirit of the community. 6. Rainwater: The scale the roof drainage accumulated from rainwater and the properties next to it will cause either flooding or severe damage over time.

No notice of application was sent to SBHOA regarding the above-mentioned property, we received it via a concerned resident.

Comment / Objections
Should you wish to comment/object to this application, kindly email your response to :
by Thursday 9 July 2020.