Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Entrance Beautification Project

SBHOA Committee would like to thank its members and sponsors for making this project a reality.

No allocation was made by the original developers to enhance and landscape the two entrances into Sunset Beach.  With two entrances leading into the suburb and the five beach parking areas, this quant neighbourhood has so much to offer.  In 2016 SBHOA committee members set aside funding from Vodacom, local sponsors, and volunteers to begin a very large project to improve the two entrances.

The aim was to create an entrance that is environmentally friendly and adds to the aesthetics of Sunset Beach.

Now that Phase One of this project is complete, Phase Two has now commenced.  SBHOA Committee would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed and assisted in making this project a wonderful success.

Phase One

Early in 2018 the project started with the installation of a borehole pump and irrigation.

Then SBHOA Chairman Mr. George Zaverdinos spent many months working on securing the plans and approved locations for the trees with the City of Cape Town - not to mention the amount of effort to secure the promised funding from Vodacom.

Once SBHOA received final approval from the City of Cape Town for the project, landscaping commenced.

Mr. Lyndon Collins as the local Horticulturist was contracted for the landscaping project.

Once all the palm trees were planted, large river pebbles and water-wise plants were added to the landscaping.    This process took six months to complete and finally SBHOA Committee could celebrate the success of Phase One!

Phase Two

In January 2020, we received official confirmation from the City of Cape Town to commence the second half of our project: Phase Two: Upgrading Entrance Two

More Sponsors Needed:

Phase Two project will cost approximately R98 000 and further donations or assistance on the project will be welcomed.  Donations of funding, manpower or plants will greatly be appreciated. Please email office@sunsetbeach.org.za for more information.

Due to the National Lockdown regulations, this project had to be put on hold.

The final product will complement the Main Entrance with a similar design and concept to Phase One.  The project will commence as soon as #Lockdown ends.

The following members of our community deserve a special mention for their contributions:

SBHOA & Project managers:
George Zaverdinos
Alex Aitkenhead (Chairman)

Ari Voyiatzis : RE/MAX Living Team Atlantic

Lyndon Collins Horticulturists
11 Palm Trees
Relocation of trees

Gary Bogner
Irrigation ongoing

Charles Marx
1 Palm Tree

And last, but not least, a very special thanks to all the Members of SBHOA who pay their annual levies. Without your continued support, we would not have been able to put this project together.

Best regards,
SBHOA Committee