Wednesday, November 13, 2019


According to DVP an interdict application is due to be heard on 3 December 2019:

Seven homeless people have brought an application against the City asking for an order that the City be prevented from interfering with all homeless people, including removal of their property and the enforcement of fines.

Please see below (scroll down) the first two pages and link to the founding papers submitted to the court by the DVP group (
Devils Peak Vredehoek Neighborhood Watch).

DPV, other neighbourhood watches, and social groups have been asked to submit affidavits opposing the application. DPV has taken the following view.

1.    Many people are forced into desperate circumstances and have no alternative but to live on the streets. DPV runs its own social outreach project to assist people in getting jobs and giving them a hand in finding their way back into employment and permanent shelter (Please see the article below on their current project),
2.    They are aware that many criminals choose to live on the streets and set up their territories in our own neighbourhood, i.e. among the desperate people and unfortunates who live on the streets are many criminals who do not want assistance (and refuse assistance); the majority of the crime comes from criminal street folk,
3.    They are opposed to the by-laws being interdicted, as they are often the only tool available to law enforcement to move dangerous elements in your area,
4.    The by-laws themselves are not inappropriate and often have a useful purpose; the issue is possibly the application thereof – and this does not require their blanket non-enforcement.

Below are the first two pages of the court application against the City.

Vagrancy must please be reported via a C3 Form before any Law Enforcement will take place.

Click Here to Log a C3:
under Group: choose - Safety & Security (Squatters)
under Service: choose - Illegal Structures or Squatters
Best would be to also submit images if you have on the same form.

Bin Diggers on Mondays must also be discouraged.  Please notify your local security provider to increase their presence on a Monday.

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