Friday, March 10, 2017

Argus Cycle Tour: Tips, Notice of Road Closures & Weather Update

Sunset Beach Home Owners Association would like to wish all our residents and guests who are taking place in the Argus Cycle Tour this year, all the best in their ride for this Sunday.  

There is a very strong wind forecast for the day, cloud cover for the early parts of the morning and temperatures reaching around 24 degrees by 2pm.  

Whether you are riding for fun, or going to take it on a more serious level, herewith some tips from

Prepare as much as you can the night before: Mix your bottles, put out your gels and bars, pin your number on your shirt, attach your timing chip to your handlebars, pin your start card to the inside of your jersey pocket. So all you have to do on race morning is eat breakfast, get dressed, grab your bike and head out the door.

Freeze your bottles the night before. Put a note on the front door so that you don’t forget them.

Plan your trip to the start. Catch the train, bus, stay with someone in town.

Fuel up. Take a drink to sip and a banana to munch on in your start chute.

Go to the loo before entering your chute.

Keep calm, & start pedalling

Plan your stops

“Hold your line!”

Choose your path, and stick to it.

Sip a little, but often. Constant hydration not only keeps you going, it also keeps you cooler for longer.

Be waterpoint-wise. When coming up to a waterpoint, position yourself so that you are on the same side of the road as the waterpoint when you’re ready to pull off.


Don’t Stand Around. When you cross the finish line, don’t dawdle. You can savour the moment in a while. Get your medal and move on, to avoid unnecessary bottlenecks.

Drink up. Have something to drink as soon as you can.

Park your bike. If you opt to join in the festivities at the finish, head to the bike park – but be sure not to lose your bike sticker! You won’t be allowed back to collect your bike without it.

Recover fast. Grab something to eat as soon as you can (preferably within 30 minutes) – and have a massage, if you can stomach the queues.

Event Info

Quick Facts
  • Event Date:  12 March 2017
  • Entry applications:  17 August – 23 August 2016
  • Distance:  109km
  • Charity Entries:  Click Here
  • FAQs:  Click Here