Monday, October 3, 2016

Quarterly report from the Table Bay Nature Reserve: July to September 2016

The Rietvlei Water Area is a key feature in the Table Bay Nature Reserve as it used intensively for watersport and shore-based recreation. The highlight of this quarter was the re-launching of the City’s refurbished double-jetty which is used by water users to embark and disembark from launched vessels.

The Milnerton Aquatic Club’s calendar of special events for the 2016-2017 season was published this quarter. The club also donated a taxidermy mount of a Cape clawless otter to the Nature Reserve to be used as an educational resource.

Various programmes were offered for the public’s benefit this quarter, including the very popular school holiday programmes and the annual Spring walks at Milnerton Racecourse (see Figure 1 below).

The Protected Area Advisory Committee (PAAC) had it’s fifth meeting this quarter. Some of the issues being addressed by the PAAC includes the poor water quality and the associated public and environmental health concerns in the Milnerton Lagoon.

Public health warning signs were placed at the Milnerton Lagoon. The public can help to address sewage spills and overflows by logging service requests with the City of Cape Town by using the on-line form at this link: Welcome to Service Requests.

Other issues that are being debated in the public domain include the restoration of the historic wooden bridge as well as the allocation of sites for fireworks near the Nature Reserve.

Three new interns were placed at the Nature Reserve during this quarter and will be employed for a year. Some of the issues that the interns are dealing with include the management of compliance with Regulations. 

Various non-compliant neighbours are impacting the Nature Reserve in negative ways. The Coastal Section at Sunset Beach and the boundaries at Milnerton Ridge and Table View suffer the most from illegal activities such as encroachment from private properties and allowing pets in the reserve.

The rainfall patterns have returned to normal and the seasonal wetlands are currently inundated with water.

Koos Retief
Area Manager: Milnerton

Table Bay Nature Reserve, 10 Sandpiper Crescent, Table View

We (SBHOA) say the bridge must go. Its causing an environmental catastrophe due to the worms (from the wood that came from Australia) that have built the island next to the bridge.  It is reducing the ability for the water to flow properly and it is proven that the island is getting bigger.  Should we experience a massive 500 year flood (domoina), damage to property and infrastructure such as roads and bridges will be unstoppable.   The estuary is getting shallower due to many factors, but this bridge and small island next to it is one of them.

Read the full report from Koos Retief of what Table Bay Nature Reserve have shared with the community HERE.