Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sunset Beach Boundary Wall Paint Project is Completed

The painting project - painting Sunset Beach boundary walls facing the R27 - is COMPLETE!!!!
Numerous cracks were repaired, and 2 coats of a pure acrylic paint were applied. These walls will not need repainting for at least another 8-10 years.

Elison the painter happily crawled behind bougainvillea and acacia thorns to cover all wall areas, and walked long distances during the 14 work days he took to complete this arduous job.

A big thank you to the Engen filling station management for allowing us to store the paint and materials on their premises. This is much appreciated.

Before the wall was painted

After the wall was painted

Total spend: Just over R25 000 for the entire project.  A saving of R275 000 from the original quote, because a community member decided to employ and manage the project for us.  Thank you to George Zaverdinos for taking the initiative and finalising the project on behalf of our community.