Sunday, June 11, 2017

Is Sunset Beach Getting Fiber Optics?

In the Sunset Beach Home Owners Association (SBHOA) survey from December 2016 (Christmas newsletter), Fiber was identified by residents as the number 1 priority to action in 2017.
The (SBHOA) is working hard to secure Fiber connectivity for Sunset Beach.
Why is the implementation of fiber taking so much time?
Sunset Beach is a low-density neighborhood which means we are not as attractive as high density (blocks of flats) neighborhood. This is because the reticulation (the actual digging and laying of Fiber) is much more expensive for low density housing.
The Fiber providing companies therefore do not see Sunset Beach as an attractive investment when they can get in on higher density areas instead.
Why choose Openserve?
We have approached Openserve, a Telkom subsidiary, to state our intention and commit to a high proportion sign-up users in our area. 
Openserve is a logical choice because they can use the existing Telkom infrastructure to run the Fiber underground, which should make the process of getting the Fiber into the neighborhood a lot quicker. rather than digging up our pavements, including every driveway to connect fiber to your house. (Imagine what your driveway would look like!) In most cases, however, they will use your existing telephone/ADSL route into your home which would mean no digging.  This is of course infrastructure dependent as each house would be different.
We need your support
Openserve requires a high number of houses in Sunset Beach residents to sign up and indicate their interest in fiber connectivity. The SBHOA will also approach Sunset Links to come onboard. Sunset Village have already indicated their support.
Please join the community and sign up if you are interested, it is ok to change your mind later as this does not commit you to installing the Fiber service and you can change to this service at any time.
The SBHOA has arranged for a presentation and sign up event in the near future. More details will be communicated to you via email and our various social media platforms.
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We will update you on our progress.

Please see below a video of how Fiber Optics works in general.